Since 2010, our sole focus has been driving rapid growth and profitability for our clients via digital advertising campaigns.

We help companies quickly acquire customers and incrementally increase revenues while lowering cost per acquisition.


  • ROAS Increase


  • Media Increase


  • CTR Increase


What We Do

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Instagram Advertising

“I love Social Fulcrum because they don’t spout platitudes about social media — they focus on solving business problems. They’re steak, not sizzle. I usually just tell everyone that Social Fulcrum is the best agency I’ve worked with in my life!”

—Kelsey Corcoran-Galarza, Principal Consultant, Dobie Associates
  • We launch ads faster than anyone else

    Ads are live in 2-3 weeks for new clients.  After launch, we never stop testing and optimizing both creative and audiences.
  • We reliably increase Facebook sales for our clients 5x in 90 days

    How do you know we can increase your Facebook sales? Because we do it consistently for our clients. On average we increase sales volume (revenue dollars) for our clients by 5x within the first 90 days of working on their campaign.

  • We are the largest global spender of Store Visit Ads + Offline Conversion Ads

    When Facebook launched store visit ads it changed the marketing options for brick-and-mortar retailers forever. Now retail brands can track their advertising spend directly to in-store visits. Combined with offline conversions, this allows retailers to drive incremental ROI and clear insights. We are the largest global spender on store visit ads + offline conversions, so we know how to use these new tools better than anyone else.

  • Our custom-built software allows us to amplify results

    If agencies use third-party software, it decreases transparency and accountability. If agencies do everything manually, how can they drive differentiated value for their clients? We decided the only way to deliver high-performance and full transparency was building software ourselves. We are one of the only Facebook Marketing Partners designated as both a technology partner and an agency partner.

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