Since 2010, our sole focus has been driving rapid growth and profitability for our clients via digital advertising campaigns.

We help companies quickly acquire customers and incrementally increase revenues while lowering cost per acquisition.


  • ROAS Increase


  • Media Increase


  • CTR Increase


What We Do

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Pinterest Advertising

  • Instagram Advertising

  • Linkedin Advertising

  • Google Search + Display

  • Twitter Advertising

“I love Social Fulcrum because they don’t spout platitudes about social media — they focus on solving business problems. They’re steak, not sizzle. I usually just tell everyone that Social Fulcrum is the best agency I’ve worked with in my life!”

—Kelsey Corcoran-Galarza, Principal Consultant, Dobie Associates
  • The only advertising agency that specializes in complex customer journeys.

    Without data you trust, you can’t make decisions with confidence. Yet even with the right tools and team, the analysis of payback rates, predictive cohort behaviors, pre-revenue touches, LTV etc. can be complex. That’s why we painstakingly integrate all the data from your marketing systems, web analytics and ad platforms at the beginning of every project. This means you get direct, real-time access to accurate, cross-platform data created just for you.

  • The only data-first agency.

    Every recommendation we make to clients is supported by business outcome data. We’ve been perfecting the Agile Advertising methodology since 2010: Weekly tests and R&D generate actionable insights for audience targeting, creative adjustments, budget decisions and more. Our clients learn from every dollar they spend.

  • No fluffy agency “Shmoo.”

    You will never get the typical agency BS from us, because we don’t hire people from other agencies. We hire proven business leaders and raw talent and we develop our people obsessively. Also we don’t try to do everything. If it’s digital ads we know the answer. If it’s something else, we don’t do it.

  • A proven track record of scaling profitable Facebook media spend 3-5x in 90 days.

    Facebook is a fast-moving and complex advertising platform where our unique strengths drive repeated success stories. We grow profitable Facebook advertising media spend by 3-5x within 90 days. Don’t take our word for it: We have the data and references to prove it.

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