Most agencies think of advertising as art, with maybe a little bit of science. When they begin working with a client, they conduct market research and then develop multiple creative concepts. Weeks, even months, may pass by before they launch their client’s first campaign.

We believe the fastest way to get results is to lead with science. During the initial phases of working with you, we build and test your first campaign and set up your first audience tests. The beauty of testing is that it immediately starts generating data. Data we can analyze to determine which ad creative works best. Data that help us identify your top target audiences and eliminate the under performing ones.

And that’s just the beginning. Our approach – build, test and measure – is iterative. We never stop experimenting. Each week, we run new tests that produce fresh insights, which let us continuously refine your creative and optimize your audiences. And we use what we learn to reallocate your media budget – on the fly, via our automated technology platform – to maximize your ROI.

“Social Fulcrum’s people are responsive and thorough. I’m impressed with the high quality of their analysis, comparative testing and deployment. And I always look forward to their reporting, which is fantastic.”

—Tim Ming, Senior Marketing Director, Amwell

Our Story

When Social Fulcrum Co-founder and CEO Andrew Krebs-Smith realized the extraordinary opportunities social media and search offered to advertisers, he was immediately hooked on digital.



During his early career, Andrew Krebs-Smith noticed some odd things at ad agencies. Nobody was trying to measure business impact of campaigns. “Mad Men” egos ruled meetings, campaigns, and firms. Everyone was using different metrics to define success. Andrew hoped to fix the industry he loved, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to solve this problem by himself…

If the opposite of traditional advertising agencies existed in human form, it would be Noah Freeman. From his Harvard thesis on non-parametric statistics to his work at Bain Consulting, Noah had been using data to solve business problems for decades. Applying that thinking to advertising was a logical next step. Noah’s earliest projects solved problems that some marketers still struggle with today, e.g. tracking customers throughout their buying journey.

The potential was clear: together Andrew and Noah would revolutionize an antiquated industry. Andrew knew the issues marketers faced and why the ad industry was failing to solve those issues. Noah had the technical and analytics experience to build scale-able systems and infrastructure. They both had experience building companies, loved to work hard and move fast, and didn’t mind an uphill battle against outdated industry norms.

Andrew and Noah joined forces in 2013. Since then, they have continued to expand their team with talented, technical and analytical professionals with a passion for digital — and helped numerous global B2C companies grow via Social Fulcrum’s scientific, data-driven approach to digital advertising.

Meet our team

We’re digital aficionados with expertise in advertising, finance, marketing, operations, public relations, chemistry, search engine optimization, engineering, web design and more. We draw from these diverse skill sets to build measurable, high-performance campaigns that grow your business.

“Social Fulcrum’s IQ is far above that of most agencies. They’re such a great group of people to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone, and I have.”

—Jud Horner, CEO, Incredible Foods


Are you passionate about digital, analytically minded, creative – and a great communicator? Do you love owning a client problem, digging into the details and working quickly and relentlessly to find a solution? If so, you may be a perfect fit to join the Social Fulcrum team.

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