Our team is made up of digital aficionados with diverse expertise in advertising, finance, marketing, operations, public relations, chemistry, search engine optimization, web design, & more. Based in Boston, we combine these skills to form cohesive campaigns that work for your business. Here are our key players.


Andrew Krebs-Smith

Founder | CEO

After building digital departments within traditional agencies, Andrew founded Social Fulcrum in 2010. Andrew loves teaching and is an instructor for General Assembly and Startup Institute. Previously, he studied marketing and advertising at Loyola University and received his MBA at Babson College.




Noah Freeman

CoFounder | COO

After getting his degree in Biostatistics from Harvard, Noah had a successful career in technology investing. After 15 years, he moved his data-driven skillset into marketing, starting his own consulting firm. In 2014, Noah sold his firm to Social Fulcrum, and became the COO of the merged firm.



Philip Walsh Headshot

Philip Walsh

Head of Project Management

Philip’s first career was in investment banking with a focus on international equity markets. His second career is here at Social Fulcrum where he helps clients lower customer acquisition costs. He is a graduate of Hamilton College and also a Chartered Financial Analyst.




Victoria Hetz

Director of Marketing

Victoria is a marketing strategist with experience in content creation and social media. As an Account Director at Social Fulcrum, she now eats, sleeps, and breathes Pinterest. Just don’t ask her for any recipe recommendations – she’ll sooner tell you where to find the best takeout.




Kahn Kim

Project Director 

Kahn previously worked as an operations manager, scaling for hyper growth. Today, he’s obsessed with driving growth for both seed-stage and large-scale clients. Kahn studied English (Critical Race Theory) at Bates College and enjoys racquet sports, personality tests, and authentic Chicago deep dish.



Sam Wheatley Headshot

Sam Wheatley

Director of Ad Operations 

Sam undertakes a variety of roles at Social Fulcrum, particularly ad operations. Prior to joining, Sam was living in Uganda, where he worked at two start-ups and created his own men’s accessories line. Sam loves music, sports, travel, and the Patriots.



Kendall Beyeler Headshot

Kendall Beyeler

Sr. Creative Services Manager

Kendall runs our creative department’s ad generation and development. Her days are spent designing for a variety of social platforms. She Earned a B.S. at Emerson College where she found a passion for design. Kendall’s a product (tech AND beauty) junkie who loves podcasts, red wine and retail therapy.



Nancy Mucci Headshot

Nancy Mucci

Business Development Manager

Nancy is dedicated to creating effective business plans to increase sales opportunities to generate more revenue and increase brand loyalty. She previously worked as an Account Executive for publishing companies. You can now find her screening potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, assessing deal requirements, and developing business solutions. Nancy is a mother of four, a trained chef, avid birder, and closet writer.



Tim Crossett Headshot

Tim Crossett

Business Development Representative- Inside Sales 

Tim, a transplant from Pennsylvania, is still learning to love the Pats, Sox, traffic and all things Boston. In keeping with his beginnings in the hospitality industry, he is excited to talk to anyone and everyone about Social Fulcrum. Tim is never far from the golf course, or freshly brewed coffee.



Hyunil Moon Headshot

Hyunil Moon

Data Scientist 

Moon started his career in transportation and logistics management. Now at Social Fulcrum, he spends most of his day crunching numbers, building analytics tools, and eating. Moon enjoys studying football, reading Tolkien, and adventures with his family. He is a Providence College Friar.



Kyle Toomey Headshot

Kyle Toomey

Data Scientist

Kyle started his career in the hotel industry. Once realizing the power of data, and learning the tools to harness it at General Assembly, Kyle joined the team at Social Fulcrum. A native Philadelphian, Kyle can cook a mean cheesesteak spring roll, but don’t get him started on the Eagles.



Lee Accomando Headshot

Lee Accomando

Head of Software

After studying chemistry, Lee decided he would rather sling code than atoms and cut his teeth solving a variety of product and technology problems for Boston Startups. Now he’s excited to bring those insights to Social Fulcrum’s technology. When not coding he can be found reading and producing his history podcast.



Nick Kuizenga Headshot

Nick Kuizenga

Ad Operations Manager

Hailing from the Netherlands, Nick brings an essential mix of SEO and Advertising expertise to the Social Fulcrum Team. Formerly working at web design, eCommerce and real estate firms, Nick enjoys expanding his digital skills set almost as much as music, travel and, of course, a good craft beer.



Kristen Molstad Headshot

Kristen Molstad

Ad Operations Manager

Kristen studied economics at Bates College and graduated in May 2015. This is her first real job, but has previous experience in finance. She loves going to the beach, anything chocolate, which sparked a love of running, and reality TV.



Ellen Cooper Headshot

Ellen Cooper

Sr. Project Manager

Ellen is our resident specialist in all things Google. Prior to joining the Social Fulcrum team she managed big budget search marketing campaigns for a data-driven lead gen company. She has endless lists of books to read and restaurants to try and can’t get enough Instagram nail art videos.



Briana Livingston Headshot

Briana Livingston

Project Manager

Briana studied advertising at Boston University where she graduated in May 2016. Starting her time with us as an intern, she now works as an Account Manager and Pinterest optimizer. Outside of work she can be found repeatedly watching The Office or nature documentaries on Netflix.



Leah Melnick Headshot

Leah Melnick

Project Manager

Leah is a data-driven strategist, who previously worked to streamline operations at several local food startups. Now she spends her days turning numbers into insights to help clients achieve their advertising goals. In her free time, Leah can be found cooking and enjoying Boston.



Ben Mitchell Headshot

Ben Mitchell

Project Coordinator

Ben previously managed tech implementations at hospitals around the country, focusing on reporting and efficiency. At Social Fulcrum, he continues his pursuit of efficiency by building new tools. In his free time Ben enjoys improv, basketball, and design…he likes trying everything, except veggies.



Isabella Schoning Headshot

Isabella Schoning

Project Coordinator

Isabella studied Physics and Russian at Hamilton College. At Social Fulcrum she uses her analytic and communications skill set to optimize ads for clients. Isabella can speak four languages, has a passion for travel, and holds the record for most number of tennis wins at Hamilton. She loves exploring Boston and listening to live music.



Eli Cohen Headshot

Eli Cohen

Project Coordinator

Eli graduated from Wellesley with a degree in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. After a previous career teaching preschool, he was excited to transfer his love of statistics from early childhood research to marketing. Outside of work, he enjoys running, cooking, and watching baseball!



Audrey Schuler Headshot

Audrey Schuler

Project Coordinator

Audrey studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Boston University with a focus on propositional logic. Prior to joining Social Fulcrum, Audrey worked in accounting and band management. She’s a passionate consumer of books, cartoons, and local art and music. In her free time you can find her cooking, with friends, or frequenting the Allston house venues.



Nelly Fickett Headshot

Nelly Fickett

Office Manager

Nelly helps keep the office shipshape at Social Fulcrum. People are her passion and she strengthens relationships through service-oriented tasks and good communication. She is a Messiah College Falcon, graduating with a degree in American History. Before joining the team, she spent several years working in Administration in Higher Education. She enjoys music, traveling, film, Ultimate Frisbee and riding her bike.






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