3 Quick Tips to Help You Save Time Blogging

Sep 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

Blogging takes time. Great blogging can sometimes take a lot of time. But it doesn’t have to. Use these 4 tips to help you create great content without using up all your time.

  1. Use content you’ve already created! We have a rule at Social Fulcrum: all content can be translated into at least two media, if not more. If we have a popular blog post, we turn it into a YouTube Video. If we just gave a presentation, we throw it up on SlideShare. If we are creating an ebook, we split it up into smaller blog posts. The point is that if you are going to spend all of the time that it takes to create a quality presentation/blog/webinar/etc. you should get as much mileage out of the content as possible. On top of that, you may have content from the past that was never published at all that can be valuable. Sometimes we look back at some of our client deliverables from a few years ago to get ideas for valuable tips for our readers. For example we looked back at a sentiment analysis report we did for a large pharma company [slideshare link], which led us to write this blog post [link] on ways to monitor the sentiment regarding your brand. 
  2. Use transcription software/companies to blog even when you aren’t blogging. Any time you are explaining anything, you could be writing a blog post. By using software such as Dragon Dictation or by hiring companies like Speechpad, you can take that internal training session and turn it into an awesome blog. Obviously the text will need some editing, but starting from 80% is way quicker than starting fro 0%.
  3. Good at thinking of ideas but not a good writer yourself (or just crazy busy)? Hire a professional writer that can work with you to fully understand the content of the post, and let them write it. This is a trick that executives sometimes use, since their time is of the essence. By finding a writer that can translate thought-provoking discussion into meaningful writing, you can make blogging as easy as a 15 minute call from your cell phone. The downsides for this approach are that it can be expensive, and some people frown upon people not writing their own blog posts (aka ghostwriting).

A word of warning: Efficient blogging is important, as we all have limited time. But your goal shouldn’t be to create as much content as possible. The goal is to only create high-quality content that will add so much value that people keep coming back for more. Hopefully these tips allow you to create more and higher-quality content.


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