9 Tips to Help Double Your Landing Page Conversions

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If you are implementing a content marketing strategy, you eventually need to create leads out of the traffic to your website. We’ve put together a list of 9 things you can do immediately to help boost the conversion rates on your landing pages. We’ve also included some links to resources that will help you on your quest for the perfect landing page.

  1. Only let people go where you want them to go. If you want people to click on the big button to download your ebook, why are you showing them all the other places they can go on your site? Get rid of your navigation bar, get rid of your footer, and make your primary call-to-action and your secondary call-to-action the only visible links. The only exception here is that if you are sending paid traffic to this page, you will need a terms of service and privacy policy (ideally in the footer) linked so that your ads will be approved (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, all require this). Hubspot has a great blog post on 7 design tips you can use for high-converting landing pages.
  2. Don’t make people think. This shouldn’t be the page on your website where you blow people’s minds. This should be a very simple page, that simply tells people what they can get, why they want it, and how they can get it. Confusing copy can hurt your conversion rate, so it’s best to be straightforward.
  3. Show and tell. You need to both show people exactly what they will get (excerpts, images) as well as tell them exactly what you are giving them. You don’t want your content to be some mystery only revealed to people who fill out your form. That makes it seem like your content might be crap. If your content really is high-quality, you should give people a preview, which will make them want more.
  4. Tell them why they need it. YOU know that your content is awesome, but unfortunately the people visiting your website don’t know how great it is. You need to tell them why this content will make them better-off than they would be without it. If this is difficult, you might want to look at your content and decide if it is as truly valuable as you think.
  5. Tell them how to get it. This is part UX (user experience) and part copywriting. The design of the page should make it extremely clear how to download your content, and the words on the page should make it clear as well.
  6. Tell them why you need their information (and why it’s ok for them to give it to you). This is especially true for B2B marketers who have a lead form with more than 3+ fields. You want to know my company’s annual revenue? You want to know my title? I might be OK with giving you that information, but I want to know why you want it. Is it so you can send me emails that are targeted to the issues that I might be facing? That’s great!
  7. A/B test different elements of your landing page. Would people be more inclined to download your offer if there was a different picture? What about if you used a different headline? Only data will tell which elements of your page will convert best, so you need to have plenty of traffic to your page (to make the data statistically significant). Only test one element at a time. Some of the biggest factors can be the headline/title of the page, the pictures, the form, and the copy.Move Testimonials on Landing Page
    If you aren’t the most tech-savvy person out there – or your IT department has their hands full – Unbounce offers a clean and easy platform to create and test different landing pages (more on Unbounce below!).
  8. Decrease your page load time. This is a hugely important area. You could have the perfect landing page, but if it takes forever to load, nobody will ever see it! We use P3 Plugin Profiler to see which of our plugins have the most impact on slowing down our site. It gives you a really simple output (see below) to visualize which plugins might be slowing you down.
This plugin tests the impact on page load time of your other plugins.

This plugin tests the impact on page load time of your other plugins.

Of course, not everyone is on WordPress – for other sites you can use sites like Pingdom to analyze page speed based on the individual elements. See below for what that can look like.

Example of Pingdom analysis of Social Fulcrum Website. Eek!

Example of Pingdom analysis of Social Fulcrum Website. Eek!

Detailed output from Pingdom

Detailed output from Pingdom

9. Use a thank-you page to get more information. Don’t try to get people to give you all their information all at once. Keep your form short and sweet, and then use offers on your thank-you page to let them self-identify into your different audience segments.

So what does one of these mystical, perfect landing pages look like? The more you think about the architecture of your landing pages, the more you will notice them. But we’ve included an example from our friends over at Unbounce. They are the landing page experts, and so naturally their design, copy, etc. are spot on.

example landing page footer

Uses testimonials for social credibility.

Below the fold unbounce landing page example

If the above-the-fold info wasn’t enough to convince you, here they give you an example of their content.

example of a great landing page from unbounce - above the fold

Call-to-action is really clear. Easy to figure out what you will get and why you need it.

If your landing pages still aren’t getting enough conversions, click the button below for a free website analysis from Social Fulcrum.

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