We were lucky enough to be invited to write a post for PR at Sunrise, a blog from PR guru Andrew Worob. We wanted to hammer home the Do’s and Don’ts of social media, without writing another one of those “10 things you should be doing in social media” articles. So we put our creative brains together to try and think: “How can we create a list of things that people will really want to pay attention to?” We were stumped until one of us got a pop-up ad about enlarging the size of our…ahem…ad budgets, and we decided there was no better way to gain attention and retention of our blog post than to give an example that many people can relate to. We titled it: “9 ways social media is like sex.” We’ve received a positive response so far (see below), and hope you enjoy it. Head over to PR at Sunrise and read our blog post – it will enlarge your understanding of social media by 3-5 insights, guaranteed!

Social Media Blog Post We Wrote

Twitter response to our blog post


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