The advertising industry is broken, but it’s not their fault. It was built for another time, where it made sense to do a ton of research and use creative instinct to guide messaging that was sent to a huge un-segmented audience.

advertising industry broken

But now, we have options. We can send different ads to different audiences. We can test which ads work best before spending millions of dollars on media. We can use conversion data to make our communications smarter, more targeted, and more cost-effective.

Best of all, we now have the tools that allow your campaign to GET BETTER over time. I’m not talking about waiting for Adwords to optimize your campaign over the long term. I’m talking about reducing the cost of customer acquisition by over 80% in a matter of weeks.

In spite of this, when we look at big brands spending money with big agencies, we still see way too much of the “old” model: Spend a lot of time researching and  building creative, and then spend a bunch of money and see if it works. Six months later you have a lot less money, and you might not even know any more than when you started (other than knowing that what you tried didn’t work).

We don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect ad. We think there are ads that work for certain audiences, and ads that don’t. We think that you can only evaluate an ad when you measure it scientifically. And we think that the quicker brands can test and adjust, the more money they save, the more customers they get, and the more they learn.

We help companies optimize their Facebook Advertising. We have a structured process that lowers costs and identifies opportunities by testing messages and audiences, and matches the ones that work best. Our favorite thing in the world is seeing a graph that shows the cost of customer acquisition lowering over time.

Since we’ve done this for over 100 brands, we are extremely fast, and we  have developed a huge trove of learnings and best practices from our past successes that get applied to every single future campaign.

We are Social Fulcrum, and we’re here to make advertising better. 

Advertising is dead…. Long live advertising!


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