An Opportunity for Law Firms & Social Media Marketers: The Depuy ASR Hip Recall

Dec 10, 2010 | Uncategorized

In August, a widely used hip implant, the Depuy ASR, was recalled. Since the announcement, law firms everywhere are competing for the large number of potential cases that resulted from the recall. After speaking with a handful of different firms, we noticed that the problem most of them are facing is getting the attention of the right people. There is an incredible opportunity here to use social media and a variety of other online tools to find and connect with these people. Law firms and social media marketers take note; this is how it should be done….

What most law firms are currently doing online to directly reach those who have hip implants is engaging in Paid Search Advertising. While this is a viable option, the competition is strong. An area where virtually no competition exists is social media. There are people online who self-identify as candidates for the Depuy hip recall due to the competition’s awareness-raising initiatives, yet nobody is engaging in dialogue with these confused seniors/caretakers. Using these initiatives (paid search, TV commercials, etc.) as a springboard, we can reduce media costs, increase conversion rates, and ultimately get many more qualified cases.

Through our research we’ve found people talking about the fact that their hip has been recalled. See below for a screenshot.

This recall provides an incredible opportunity for law firms to connect with potential cases via social media. In addition, it creates an opportunity for social media marketers to call up a few law firms and get some new business. Making sense? If not, just shoot us an email and we’d be happy to explain further.


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