Boston Customer Acquisition Meetup – The First of Many

Apr 22, 2015 | SF News

As a business, Social Fulcrum is obsessed with helping our clients obtain the lowest cost of customer acquisition. Industry trends are further fueling the need for CA specialists across the board – after all, gaining a loyal roster of customers is an integral part of growing and scaling a business.

With startup culture booming across the country, the demand for customer acquisition-focused digital marketing and advertising is at an all-time high. Because of this, we organized a meetup for both marketers and non-marketers to discuss customer acquisition, activation, and retention.

(If you aren’t familiar with these terms, check out Dave McClure’s presentation here.)

As part of this meetup, we will select a topic and find 3 expert panelists to help drive the discussion and shed some knowledge on the unique subject matter selected for each meetup.

Our next meetup will be on April 29th at 6:00pm @ WeWork Fort Point – 51 Melcher Street, Boston, MA.

The topic of this first Meetup will be: SEO

We have lined up 3 expert panelists for this event:

Aki Balogh
Aki Balogh – MarketMuse – Aki co-founded MarketMuse (, a content intelligence platform for semantic SEO. MarketMuse identifies topical gaps in your content, enabling you to dominate topical niches and generate more relevant leads.

Kevin Roy
Kevin Roy – Green Banana SEO – Kevin is the Co-Founder of Green Banana SEO (, a pay for performance SEO company that gets your site ranked on the first page of Google, or you do not pay.

Dale Bertrand
Dale Bertrand – Chimera Labs – Dale is the Founder of Chimaera Labs (, a marketing agency that specializes in relationship-driven SEO and content marketing backed by solid analytical thinking.

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