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Nov 12, 2013 | Facebook

Over the next few weeks we will be giving you actionable advice to help you promote your company’s content on Facebook. This is the 4th of 6 in the series, where we explain how to create content partnerships to increase the reach of your content. If you don’t want to wait several weeks to master Facebook, you can download our 13-page eBook here. It provides in-depth explanation of the tactics that we use to create superior results for our clients.

Valuable content can be a great tool for generating brand awareness among new audiences. While you always have the option to leverage paid ads on Facebook in order to promote your content to new users who fall within your ideal target audience (more on that later), mutually-beneficial content partnerships can often achieve the same goal without the need to pay for each new user reached.

Content partnerships work best between two companies who are not direct competitors, but whose target audiences overlap in some way. For example, Social Fulcrum might want to look at establishing content partnerships with companies that provide social media software, but not competing social media marketing services.

You may already have a few brands in mind that would be suitable for a Facebook content partnership with your own brand, but if not, Facebook Graph Search can offer up some ideas. Try searching other pages liked by users who like your page, or pages liked by those with a certain interest, job title, etc., that you know matches up with your target audience

Using Facebook Graph to Search for Content Partners

The logistics of a Facebook content partnership can vary, but in its most basic form, it involves an informal agreement between two brands to share each other’s content on Facebook. This means that every time you create a new piece of content, you inform your partnered brand so they can distribute it on their Facebook page, and vice versa. You may also want to provide specific copy and a photo (or several options) for the brand to post, making it as effortless as possible for them to share your new content with their Facebook community.


Fitango had already created plenty of informative health and fitness content before launching their site, but as a relatively new brand still working on growing their Facebook audience, they looked to other more established brands with engaged Facebook communities to help distribute their arsenal of blog posts and detailed fitness plans.

By developing mutually-beneficial content distribution arrangements with brands like Meatless Monday and Greatist, Fitango was able to reach new prospects who were already connected to these popular pages. Additionally, these brands provided Fitango with even more great health-related content to share with their own fans, which contributed to a more engaged audience.

What a Content Partnership Looks Like

Pro Tip:

Trying using Facebook to begin the relationship-building process with potential content partners by regularly sharing their content on your page prior to reaching out directly to establish a more formal content distribution arrangement. Then when you reach out, you can show them how popular their content has been among your fans, and specifically cite how much traffic or engagement you’ve generated for them.

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