Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization is not required…yet. Date for requiring CBO pushed, again.

Jan 16, 2020 | Industry News

Facebook CBO update from the nerdiest of Facebook’s inner circle:

In Q1 of 2019, Facebook announced that their Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) tool would be required in September 2019 with no way for advertisers to turn it off.

September 2019 came around and Facebook announced that making CBO mandatory would be delayed until February 2020.

Now, coming up on their latest deadline, we have gotten word from Facebook that this date has been pushed again with no firm timetable in place.

What is Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) anyways?

Facebook describes CBO as a Facebook ad delivery feature that, ‘makes the most efficient use of your budget spending to get you the overall best results, and ensure that the cost of those results align with your bid strategy.

A campaign budget is a budget you set at the campaign level (rather than the ad set level). The amount you set can apply to each day the campaign runs (daily budget) or over the lifetime of the campaign (lifetime budget). All campaign budgets use campaign/ budget optimization.”

So…previously advertisers were setting budgets at the individual ad set level. The problem was, an advertiser could have multiple campaigns and a given campaign could have several ad sets. To efficiently manage those budgets was very difficult to do well – if you were doing it well, it was likely through a long complicated process. Requiring CBO, in theory, simplifies this process for the advertiser ultimately increasing budget efficiency.

I’m not currently using CBO, should I care?

Yes. Is CBO perfect? No, but it’s pretty damn good. CBO has its flaws, but coming from someone who has often been critical of Facebook in the past, we approve of and recommend CBO for most campaign types. 

Although CBO is not mandatory, yet. It will be in the near future likely affecting how you have set up and/or managed your campaigns in the past. Like we said, it will be required…so you will be required to adjust.

Our advice to you, familiarize yourself with CBO and start testing it. Learn how it affects your performance and aligns with your bid strategy. This way, when CBO becomes mandatory there will be no learning curve. 

Want to chat about Facebook’s CBO and how it could affect your current strategy? Let us know!


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