Foursquare Announces Business Pages For All

Aug 4, 2011 | Uncategorized


What had once been reserved exclusively for big brands with money to spend has now been made available to the masses. As of this morning, Foursquare has now made it possible for any business, big or small, to create a business page for Foursquare. Traditionally, Foursquare had created the business pages that populate its service in-house; a time consuming process that required a tremendous amount of effort from its developers and designers, resigning them to work with only large name brands, such as Zagat’s, The New York Times, and cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.


 Foursquare Mayor BadgeBe Your Own Mayor

By making this technology available on the web, Foursquare has attempted to kill two birds with one large social media stone. In addition to freeing up time for its developers to work on new and revolutionary products, FourSquare has established the ability to exponentially expand its existing model by encouraging businesses themselves to create and customize their presence on Foursquare.

Tips and Check-Ins for All!

Being responsible for creating your own Foursquare page may seem to be a tedious challenge, but it opens your business up to a wealth of valuable opportunities for reaching out online. Previously, you could only set up your business’ location by creating a place using the GPS on your phone, but with the ability to use Foursquare’s proprietary tools, you have so many more options:

  • Reach everyone who uses Foursquare with your check-ins and tips. You can even reach those not on Foursquare by sending them to Facebook and Twitter!
  • Multiple owners lets you make anyone in your business a manager of your Foursquare identity.
  • Add photos from anywhere by using your phone or on the web. This way you can have the most current and up-to-date content for your business.
  • Add your own Tips so you can give your followers the inside scoop on what’s new and great at your location!

By creating a Foursquare place, you can access an entirely new audience. From those who love exploring their city to those who love trying something new, by being on Foursquare you have the opportunity to become more visible online and diversify your brand to offer something for everyone.


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