Free eBook: How the Pros Leverage Facebook to Distribute Branded Content

by Andrew Krebs-Smith | October 13

How do you create content that grows audience size, engagement, and conversion? How do you ensure such content is seen by your target audience?

These are questions that every marketer wants to answer, and our new eBook (“Facebook Content Promotion Secrets”) is designed to help give you the strategy and tactics to take your Facebook marketing to a whole new level. We give away our “secret sauce” regarding how to create award-winning social media campaigns for our clients.

Specifically, our eBook lays out a plan for how to:

  • Create engaging and diversified content
  • Incorporate engaging visuals that increase click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Establish content partnerships to widen your audience
  • Leverage paid ads to dramatically increase your audience size and message reach
  • Effectively host your content on Facebook

Download our free eBook here, or simply click the button below:

Facebook Content Promotion Secrets

Andrew Krebs-Smith
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Andrew Krebs-Smith

Andrew sings our praises to anyone that will listen. Before founding Social Fulcrum, he developed and managed social media strategy for accounts including Pfizer, Ocean City MD, The National Aquarium, and Strayer University. Andrew loves food, travel, music, exercise, and tea. Connect with Andrew on Twitter and LinkedIn.