How to Get 7,500 Facebook Likes in Two Weeks For Just $80

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Ok, let’s start off with a disclaimer: the strategy we’re about to describe will only work for some brands/pages. This is hardly a one-size-fits all approach for Facebook ads, but when it works, it works. 

Now, back to how we used Facebook Advertising to help a client go from 20 likes to 7,500 likes in just two weeks, with a total ad spend of $80. Our client, a newly launched informational website for people with diabetes, needed to build a strong, targeted, and engaged audience on Facebook with a limited hard cost budget. So, of course, the main questions were: 1.) How are we going to target the client’s audience, and 2.) How would we entice users to click ‘like?’

The first part was easy. Already being familiar with the plethora of diabetes websites, publications, and online communities out there, we were able to set up parameters so our ad would only be shown to Facebook users who “like” these other properties. On the other hand, addressing the second question forced us to go back to the basics of social media, and remember this important insight from one of our favorite social media pros, Shama Kabani – people don’t use social media to connect with businesses, or even with each other. People use social media to showcase their own identities.

In other words, people “like” pages or posts on Facebook because of what it says about them, and how it connects to their emotional needs. When you consider this fact, the best ad then is really one that doesn’t look or sound like an ad at all; one that isn’t about the brand paying for it, but rather the user who you’re hoping will click on it. Based on this idea, we set up the following ad:

Facebook Advertising

By directly addressing the emotional needs and identities of our client’s target audience, we were able to generate a pretty significant number of page likes in a short time, with a total budget of less than $100. Oh, and the CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) and average cost-per-like weren’t too shabby either: $0.10 and just over $0.01, respectively.

We’ve also seen similar success using this strategy in an ad for a different client. This company is an online health and wellness platform designed to help people kick off and stay committed to health-related goals. For their Facebook page, we created this ad:

Facebook Advertising Examples

Zeroing in on the passion many people feel for their weight loss goals, especially early in the year when New Year’s Resolutions are still top of mind, we used this ad to grow our client’s page likes by 1,300 in about a week, with a total ad spend of $37. That works out to an average cost-per-like of just $0.02.

Want to implement a similar ad for your Facebook page? 

  • Start by spending some time getting to know your audience. The products they use or where they interact online is only the beginning. What’s important to them? What are they passionate about? What makes them laugh; cry; take action?
  • Make sure your parameters are set up properly so that your ad reaches the right people.
  • Be sure to set your ad to CPM (not CPC). This helps to keep costs down with these types of advertisements, and will allow your overall cost-per-like to remain fairly low.
  • Include a clear call-to-action to click “like.”

But wait! Don’t get started just yet! There are two incredibly important things you need to remember if you’re going to attempt this kind of Facebook Advertising strategy:

1.) Do not use this method to “trick” your audience. The examples above work because they truly apply to the brand message and values, and the content that will be shared from the page.

Facebook Likes2.) Keep in mind that while this method can be effective in quickly and cheaply increasing page likes, it is probably not the best long-term strategy for user engagement and/or conversion. Getting people to “like” your page is only half the battle, and quite frankly the easier part. Now that you are connected to all of these users, its your responsibility to implement effective page management strategies and tactics designed to achieve your overall business objectives. And a certain number of likes should NOT be one of them. On it’s own, a “like” has no value whatsoever. It’s what you do with your audience thereafter that really counts.



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