Getting Acquainted with Google “Related”

by Andrew Krebs-Smith | August 11

World Domination? Right on schedule

Hot on the heels of their acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google has introduced a relevant and convenient new feature poised to keep Google as king of the online search hill. Called Google “Related,” the feature offers the ability to view content relevant to what youʼre currently viewing without the need to navigate outside of the page or manually search for it yourself.

 Simplifying Search

Aimed to streamline their online search behemoth, Google “Related” stands to benefit theconsumer. When someone is viewing a businessʼ website, for example, the Google “Related” feature might suggest a map with the closest location, recent reviews, and relevant online mentions (Google+, perhaps?), as well as recommendations of similar places you may want to try.

 While Google “Related” isn’t necessarily a social innovation, it does introduce a new wayto get information about a variety of topics, leading to new and intriguing methods of communicating online.

To get a better idea of how Google Related works, take a look below:

[youtube r4rlWygcJqI]

Andrew Krebs-Smith
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