Good Books for Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners

Mar 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

We like to stay on top of our game. Sometimes that means trying some new social media marketing strategy on our own business, but in this case it means reading books that develop our business knowledge by learning from some of the greats. Here are some great books that we’ve read recently that are sure to grow your business in some way:

Seeking Wisdom, From Darwin to Munger

This book provides an excellent context regarding how people make decisions, and how you (as a business manager and as a person) can make much better decisions and watch out for common pitfalls. Many examples are related back to business, and there are myriad quotes from Warren Buffet and Charles Munger (Buffet’s right hand man). This can be a dense read at times, but thoroughly beneficial during and after reading.

Recommended Audience: Mid-to-Upper level management within larger sized corporations; business psychology buffs

E-Myth Revisited – Why small businesses don’t work and what to do about it

This book is an absolute must for any small business owner that echoes any of the following sentiments:

  • “I’m in over my head”
  • “I just want my life back”
  • “Owning my own business was supposed to allow me to do the things that I love. Now all I do is run a business.”

Or it’s even good for people that have a good handle on their business, but are wondering about taking things to the next level. This book is an excellent tool for any small business owner looking to grow. We thought it was so good we even recommended it to one of our clients.

Recommended Audience: Small business owners (strongly recommended); small business consultants (but if you are a small business consultant and don’t already know about this book you might want to rethink your profession).

The New Conceptual Selling

Mentioned to us by our friends at WebMechanix, this book gives a better perspective on selling. Although some of the concepts might seem obvious (don’t sell your customer something they don’t need), this book is also full of incredibly insightful information about how we as sales people can sometimes metaphorically shoot ourselves in the foot. For example, one issue that we have run into as Social Fulcrum is a situation where a client may think they want one thing (“How do I create a Facebook page for my business”) when in actuality they shouldn’t be spending their money on social media at all. In some cases the best thing for both parties is for the sales person to turn business down. So beware, if you only want Facebook and Twitter without any concern for strategy, we probably won’t want you as a client. We’ll only sell you word of mouth marketing or social media marketing if it’s in your best interests, and if there are clear expectations about the outcomes. And we’ll make sure of that by using the process outlined in The New Conceptual Selling.

Recommended Audience: Sales Managers; Sales Professionals; B2B Business Owners


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