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Nov 6, 2013 | Facebook

Over the next few weeks we will be giving you actionable advice to help you promote your company’s content on Facebook. This is the 3rd of 6 in the series, where we help you incorporate visuals into your posts. If you don’t want to wait several weeks to master Facebook, you can download our 13-page eBook here. It provides in-depth explanation of the tactics that we use to create superior results for our clients.

Some Context:

The visual revolution is in full force, and Facebook posts with images generate as much as 104% more engagement than posts without photos. When posting a link to your content on Facebook, opt for a photo post with a shortened link in the photo description instead of a boring link post. Which of these looks more interesting and eye-catching to you?

Incorporating Visuals on Facebook

Some Guidance:

The post on the left received 67% more engagement than the post on the right, largely because it stands out in a user’s news feed much more than the standard link post. But adding just any image won’t necessarily have this effect. If you’re distributing content, choose visuals that are either funny (like memes) or inspiring (like motivational quotes), as these are emotions users respond to most.

Places to find great visuals

The images should reflect something about the content you are distributing, but do not necessarily need to be directly related. More than anything, they should be interesting and shareable so that users are inspired to hit the Share button. Even if its only because they like the photo, further distribution of your post among fans and other users means your link will travel farther, and the reach of your content will increase without any paid advertising.

An Example:

When DSST, a college credit by exam program, wanted to promote their latest blog posts on studying tips, they knew their Facebook audience would find the information useful. But because it was summer — a time when few people want to think about school or anything related to it — it was crucial that the post be as interesting as possible in order to grab the attention of their fans. By using the funny image below (that does in fact tie in to the brand as well as the content being promoted) users who were in no mood to think about studying were laughing at and engaging with this post. Ultimately, just under 20% of total page fans clicked through to read this content. That should be all the proof you need to start taking the time to create more-engaging visuals for your Facebook posts.

Funny Visuals Can Engage Your Audience

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