In-Page Google Analytics Beta is an Amazing Tool for eCommerce Sites (and all websites)

Oct 25, 2010 | Uncategorized

Google Analytics shows you on your page what people are clicking

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Google has recently launched a new tool that is incredibly beneficial for website owners, marketers, web designers, and anyone curious about web usage trends. Google now shows you, right on your page, what people are clicking once they get there. You can also see where they came from and where they ended up! This allows companies to more easily tailor websites to their customers behavior. We used it immediately to find out what the visitors to Social Fulcrum do once they get to the home page. That helps us make the page more user-friendly!

For example, with this client, we noticed that on the homepage of, people are still clicking the banner (which takes them right back to the home page!). Either it’s not clear to people that they are on the home page, or people just really like to click the banner. Either way, we want to use this data to drive more sales. So in this case, we’re thinking about linking the banner to the inventory on That way we are capturing 10% of our home page clicks, and putting them to use for our client.

Cool huh? Of course, to take advantage of this tool, you need to have Google Analytics installed on your website. If you do not have Google Analytics installed – DO IT NOW. It’s free and is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tools that can show you information about who comes to your website, what sites they come from, what geographic area they come from, which web browser they use, how long they spend on each page, which pages on your website are the most popular, and on and on. Like we said, just install it. You can thank us later (or right now in the comments section!).



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