Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR) on Social Media

Sep 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

Most businesses, whether big or small, are talking with their consumers on social media. Comments, retweets, and @replies are the standard ways to measure engagement on Twitter. Another way to measure engagement, as well as the conversion rate of your followers, is click through rate (CTR). If your business generates content on a website or blog, naturally you want to share links to your content on social media. How can you increase your click through rate on your social channels?

There are a few tricks to getting more clicks on social media. Hubspot’s Anum Hussain found that inserting links 25% of the way through a Tweet yields a much higher CTR. Presenting the link earlier catches a reader’s attention faster, and makes your Tweet stand out against the majority of Tweets that have links at the end.

Another way to get clicks is by using action words in your Tweets or Facebook posts. In any marketing initiative, you want to deliver a call to action. Social media is no exception. If you want your followers to do something, tell them! People are much more likely to click on your link, visit your website, or share your content if you ask them to do it. Don’t assume that they’ll make the decision on their own.

Using certain words or symbols, aside from action words, can also increase your CTR on social media. Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, has analyzed commonly used words on Twitter and deciphered how they affect a Tweet’s click through rate:

  • Tweets that use the word “via” have a 6% higher CTR than other Tweets.
  • Tweets using the “@” symbol have a 5% higher CTR.
  • Tweets with “RT” in them have a 4% higher CTR.
  • Tweets containing the word “please” have a 3% higher CTR. (Manners matter!)
  • Tweets using the word “check” have a 2% higher CTR.

At Social Fulcrum, we see social media marketing as a combination of Art+Science. We look at the numbers, generate strategies, and put together campaigns that mix data with innovation. An individual Tweet or timeline post may not seem like a big deal in the scope of your larger marketing initiatives, but increasing your CTR by just a small percentage can dramatically increase your ROI.

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