What’s In a Tweet?

When it comes to Twitter, there’s no better feeling (short of being followed) than for someone to retweet your tweets. Not only did someone find your tweet to be interesting and exceptional; they found it so valuable that that opted to share it with their followers, too. That opens the door to a whole other set of Twitter-ers who can potentially see what you had to say, and possibly even retweet it to their followers.

The same goes for Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube, and just about every other social network out there. Online sharing allows your message to be seen by an audience much larger than your immediate network, but without a go-to tool to measure the full reach of your content, you can’t truly understand the online impact of your brand.

Here are a few useful tools for analyzing your social media reach and influence:



One of the more talked about analytics tools, Klout culls together the information from the most widely-used social networks. That means all of your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, and LinkedIn connections come together to form a nice baseline of how you interact with others overall. Plus, by examining your “True Reach” Klout can identify just how far you can influence others in relation to your network. While it doesn’t prove more specific then a broad overview, it’s a nice place to start getting an idea of where you stand.

Reduce, Reuse, Retweet



A product of HubSpot, WhoRetweetedMe.com will analyze a given URL to determine its most influential retweeters, potential reach, and timeline. Some restrictions do apply, i.e. “it works best on blog post URLs that are between 1 day and two weeks old.” WhoRetweetedMe.com’s hyper-specificity can be either seen as an advantage or a hindrance, depending on your uses.



What some could argue is a true social media analytics tool, CrowdBooster analyzes your presence online through the strategies you’ve implemented, offering impressions, reach, and engagement, and then based on this data offers recommendations on how improvements can be made to the areas that are lacking. Offered in both a free and premium form, CrowdBooster is an ideal tool as it doesn’t only provide you with the impact you made, but it advises you on how you can make a more significant one in the future.


Depending on your needs, be it your own curiosity of your personal accounts or to benefit your business or that of a client’s, tools such as those mentioned above can help you form a better understanding of how influential you and your messages are, and how far your social media reach extends

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  1. I wasn’t familiar with WhoRetweetedMe and Crowdbooster – thanks! Another I’ve used before is called Tweetreach (http://tweetreach.com). It will give you free data about how far a tweet traveled for the first 50 tweets, then you pay $20 for a full report.


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