Off-Page SEO: Improve Your Ranking Through Social Media

Aug 29, 2013 | Uncategorized

Many people think that search engine optimization is all about inserting specific keywords into a page’s content. While that is the basis of most SEO work, a lot more off-page factors go into raising a website’s page rank. Off-page SEO is seen as the more creative side of search engine optimization, and is what many professionals in the industry enjoy the most.

The general idea of off-page SEO is this: just like the most popular kids in school were the ones that were the most talked about and most visible, Google considers the most popular websites for any particular keyword to be the ones that are the most talked about online.

Instead of words, the way that Google measures being “talked about” is through the number of links pointing to your website from other websites. These links could come from online business directories, other websites willfully sharing links to your site, or even comments on websites that link back to your site. In addition to links, social signals also let Google identify high-value websites. What are these social signals? Tweets, Likes, +1’s, shares, reposts, and more. With so many people on social media, your business is bound to get mentioned. If your business offers quality products or services that people love, or generates engaging content that people find interesting, they will talk about you. When multiple people are discussing your products or services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or sharing your content, Google places a higher value on your website.

Keep in mind, just like with customer and client reviews, social signals can attract, maintain, or deter business. If your company is ranking high because of mentions on social media, you want to make sure that the majority of these mentions are positive. If someone has a complaint or concern, it is important to reach out to try to resolve the issue. This will strengthen your company’s social media presence, show customers that you care about your reputation, and correct any negative mentions your business may have received.

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