5 Problems That Are Killing Your Online Marketing (And How to Fix Them)

Jan 9, 2014 | How to

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So, you have an online marketing plan…but how effective has it been? If you feel that you’re not getting the results that you want, then there may be issues with your digital marketing strategy. Sometimes there are changes that occur that are beyond your control (like a Facebook algorithm change or an economic downturn). However, in order to determine if you need to ramp up things on your end, you need to take the time to re-evaluate your audience and the digital marketing landscape. You may find that your biggest issue is one of the problems listed below.

Your Facebook Audience Is Too Small

Facebook is a great starter tool to venture into social media marketing — it allows you to create a voice and content platform for your business to engage with customers. Well…when you have people to actually engage with. If you slapped up a Facebook page for your business when you started it and only post when there’s a blue moon (basically never) then you have failed to truly leverage social as a part of your online marketing plan. Low activity on social media leads to low engagement and can give a customer the sense that you don’t truly care to connect with them.

Solution: Consider Facebook Advertising methods as a way to beef up your audience with valuable and qualified customers. Find out how we grew this Facebook page for a diabetes community from 22 fans to more than 67,000 fans in 10 months.


You Are Not Tracking Phone Calls

If you are marketing anything online then it is important that you track your results — the same goes for offline businesses (although it may be harder to do, it is vital to marketing success). If you run a local business that depends on phone calls to qualify new prospects then tracking your calls is extremely important, especially if you are buying search ads from Google. A call tracking system can help you figure out what methods are successful and which ones are not. Reports can tell you where your calls are coming from and at what point of the day you receive the most calls. They can also help you determine if there are any issues in your phone answering system that are causing potential customers to abandon a call or hang up.

Solution: Invest in robust phone call tracking tools such as Call Rail and Log My Calls. Be sure to fully explore the resources that are available with each tracking system so you are able to leverage your results in your digital strategy plan.


You Don’t Know Your CPA, LTV, or CPL

If you just read those three acronyms and thought, “what, what and what?” then you’re definitely losing out on effective online marketing plan. CPA refers to cost per acquisition, or how much money it takes through advertising to attract one customer and get them to purchase your product or service. Your CPL is your cost per lead, which means that you only pay when an interested customer signs up for one of your offers through a tracked phone call or landing page. Lastly, your lifetime value (LTV) is the amount of profit that you expect to realize from a customer over the duration of time that they actively do business with you.

Solution: Customer behavior changes over time, so it’s important to track how much money you are spending to attract new business. Determine the values of CPA, LTV and CPL for your business and industry in order to appropriately set your marketing budget.


You Are Not Leveraging Niche Social Media Channels

Do you know which social media channels would work best for your business? Are you a women-owned business that sells primarily to female customers? Then you should be on Pinterest. Trying to attract teenagers to buy your products? Consider new advertising options on Snapchat. Looking to recruit or find professionals in a certain field? Tap into LinkedIn. Plugging your business into every social media channel just because they exist is not a smart or effective move. You may not have the time to market or build content across all channels and even worse – you’ll waste more money trying to market to everyone instead of focusing on your target audience.

Solution: It’s important that you first assess who your target audience is, how they socialize online, and what societal or cultural factors may influence behaviors to buy. Understand your market and then connect with them through niche networks to achieve an effective level of impressions. If women are your main customers, then read this to find out how you can increase your following on Pinterest.


You’re Not Using Any “Calls-To-Action”

Maybe people have told you not to ask your customers to buy anything so you don’t look desperate. Forget that. If you want to get people to do something then it’s important that you ask them politely — and find creative ways to do it. Entrepreneur Ramit Sethi used reverse psychology in one particular call-to-action: he got people to click on his website by using the words “don’t click” on a page to get people to click on his call to action.

Solution: Increase white space when designing landing pages to draw attention and make your calls-to-action (CTAs) stand out with bright colors and display fonts. Clean design and witty or fun marketing can lead to a significant boot in conversions.


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