Campaign Summary

Customer Acquisition Case Study: Finra[90 Days]


Prometric wanted to increase group and executive sales of FINRA certifications. Prometric’s B2B products for FINRA certification are called EZ Seat and Red Carpet Testing, respectively.


We used LinkedIn advertising to target key decision makers. By testing headlines, images, and audiences via our DSTS process, we were able to decrease cost-per-lead to under $100.

  • Test headlines, images, and audiences via our DSTS process
  • Target key decision makers and convert them with clear, benefits-focused messaging
  • Optimize campaign
Dollar Cost-Per-Lead

Average cost-per-lead was optimized to less than $100. Sales are worth over $2,000


Based on total costs, this campaign saw an ROI of over 110%

Campaign Screenshot

LinkedIn Advertising for B2B Lead Gen Campaign
prometric case study

Paula Finkelstein


“How would I describe Social Fulcrum’s online marketing services? Customized. Targeted. Successful. From research to brand awareness campaigns to targeted promotions, Social Fulcrum understands how to build engagement, grow volume, and ultimately, increase revenue for our clients through social media. Simply put – they get it. As a result, they’ve become a true, trusted extension of our team.”

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