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“Social Fulcrum’s Facebook knowledge is second-to-none.  They’re experts in the space and are the trend-setters for new features.  They’re also extremely sophisticated – can easily execute multi-variate testing across content, imagery, audiences, etc. Overall, they’re  not only a trusted partner, but play a vital role in our marketing team and the Justworks’ revenue growth.” – Coral Edwards  Head of Marketing at JustWorks



Justworks helps businesses handle their benefits, payroll and compliance.  They make it easy and affordable for businesses to hire and take care of people – freeing them to invest their time in what matters: Building their company. The challenge was:

  • How can Justworks focus and control customer acquisition costs in such a complicated advertising environment as Facebook with limited staff and in-house expertise?



Before launching an expensive and unproven campaign, Social Fulcrum ran a targeted pre-test run which evaluated millions of combinations of copy, creative, and audience testing.  The result enabled Justworks to “see the cards in advance” and know which ads, against which interest based segments, would perform best at scale. We accomplished this by:

  • Testing ad images
  • Testing ad copy
  • Identifying and testing new potential audiences
  • Defining target segmentation
  • Optimization



  • Implemented Lead Scoring criteria to better identify quality leads.
  • Identified new potential audiences; analyzed and optimized by segment.
  • Performed variable testing of Facebook ads.
    • Analyzed conversion rates throughout the entire sales funnel
    • Optimized ads according to conversion trends/results
  • Identified customer interests and behaviors to increase ROI.
Reduction in COCA

We reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 73% in 3 months

Campaign Screenshots

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Justworks COCA Graph
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