Campaign Summary

Bridj Customer Acquisition Case Study


Bridj is the world’s first pop-up mass transit system.  It uses millions of data points to adapt in real time and deploy dynamic transportation networks. Bridj wanted to:

  1. Identify and lower the cost of customer acquisition as much as possible and as quickly as possible
  2. Help determine the ideal destinations to run its services
  3. Build brand awareness as well as drive app installs and ticket purchases within market segmentation
  4. Optimize ad campaigns for conversions



Employ our structured testing methodology and custom analytics package to identify and drive down the cost of customer acquisition.

  • Test ad images
  • Test ad copy
  • Identify and test new potential audiences
  • Define target segmentation
  • Optimize for both app downloads and ticket purchases



We identified the optimal pick-up and drop-off points for each Bridj bus route by focusing on audience segments with the ideal ratio of low-cost and high-purchase behavior. We then optimized the campaign by testing a range of creative options against those audiences. We were also able to determine that the service was being utilized primarily by commuters, thus, ads displayed on Friday and Saturday led to the most expensive app installs and the lowest number of eventual sales. Our process resulted in a 25x reduction in the cost per reserved seat for an ideal user. After optimizing the cost of acquisition we then focused on making the funnel more efficient by creating a segmented retargeting, which increased conversion rates.

Reduction in COCA

We reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 98% in 4 months.

Campaign Screenshots

10 Day CPL
Winning Facebook Ad
COCA over time

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