Campaign Summary

Customer Acquisition B2B Lead Gen & Sales Case Study: Logo Mix

[30 Days]


Logomix wanted to:

  1. Identify the cost of customer acquisition for it’s business cards and logo services on Facebook
  2. Lower the cost of customer acquisition as much as possible and as quickly as possible
  3. Identify the marketing messages that resonate best with their target audience
  4. Identify new potential audiences



Employ our structured testing methodology to identify and drive down the cost of customer acquisition. Since this campaign was demand creation, we used Facebook as the primary channel.

  • Test ad images
  • Test ad copy
  • Test target audiences
  • Optimize campaign as quickly as possible based on results
Increase in Conversion Rate

We increased the proportion of people who became customers by over 20%

Reduction in COCA

We reduced the cost of customer acquisition by several hundred dollars, and it's still decreasing!

Campaign Screenshots

Conversion Rate Improving
COCA falling rapidly
Winning Facebook Ads

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