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How could Payoff lower their cost of customer acquisition while significantly increasing their sales volumes? Payoff wanted to:

  1. Identify target audiences and lower the cost of customer acquisition as quickly as possible.
  2. Determine the ideal paid channels to advertise on. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Programmatic Display, and Native Content).
  3. Build brand awareness and acquire customers within market segmentation.
  4. Implement and efficiently scale advertising campaigns for testing numerous variables and handling millions of advertisements over multiple formats.


Before launching a multi-channel ad campaign, Social Fulcrum ran a targeted Facebook ad campaign which evaluated tens of thousands of different combinations of images, copy, and audience targeting. This Facebook campaign not only served as a learning platform for other channels but also as an acquisition machine, cost-effectively targeting tens of millions of people.


  • Cost per Customer Acquisition was lowered by 90% over 5 months despite a 15X increase in media spend levels
  • Social Fulcrum Ads were responsible for driving ~80% of all Payoff customers
    • This ultimately helped Payoff raise a $250M round of funding.
Reduction in COCA

We reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 90% in 5 months.

Campaign Screenshots

Payoff Case Study 1
Payoff Case Study 4
Payoff Case Study 3

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