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Ecovent sells a temperature zoning system that helps keep your home’s heating/cooling system comfortable and energy-efficient by giving you room-by-room temperature measurement and control. Ecovent asked us several key questions:

  1. Who buys Ecovents? What are the characteristics of their target audiences?
  2. What are the benefits that most interest Ecovent customers? Comfort, control, efficiency, ease, etc.?
  3. What would be the primary channel for sales?
  4. What is the cost of new customer acquisition (COCA)?
  5. How large can sales scale and in what amount of time?
  6. How low can we drive COCA?



Ecovent’s situation is similar to many startups in the traction/growth stage.  We used several of our core processes to identify the optimal audience, messages, channel, and economic metrics:

  • Testing ad images
  • Testing ad copy
  • Identifying and testing new potential audiences
  • Defining target segmentation
  • Audience, Ad and Website Optimization



  • Increased click through rate (CTR) by over 300%
  • Identified an incredibly counterintuitive image that drove the best click through rates.
    • This test highlighted the importance of testing a range of creative options
  • Lowered Ecovent’s cost of new customer acquisition (COCA) by over 80% in less than 8 weeks.



“Social Fulcrum is effective and sharp. They understand this process and use analytics to make smart decisions that lower acquisition costs.”

-Yoel Kelman, Co-Founder/COO, Ecovent


Reduction in COCA

We reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 80% in under 2 months.

Campaign Screenshots

Ecovent Case Study 1
Ecovent Case Study 2
Ecovent Case Study 3

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