Campaign Summary

Social Media Marketing Case Study: Diabetes Wellbeing

[January 2013 – January 2014]

CHALLENGE, an informational website for people with diabetes, had great content — but no community to share it with. Because they rely on advertising for revenue, a loyal audience that would generate repeat website visits was of the utmost importance.


A Facebook marketing strategy that included:

  • Precisely targeted sidebar and newsfeed ads designed to increase page likes
  • Daily posts that were highly shareable and unique compared to other diabetes-related Facebook pages
  • Repurposed user generated content (UGC) that kept users engaged and excited to interact with the page
  • Carefully crafted calls-to-action posted only 1-2x/week that would drive users to the website


Facebook Likes

With a modest monthly ad budget and in just 12 months, Facebook page likes grew from 22 to 73,000+

Website Traffic

Through 100% organic distribution of website content on Facebook, total monthly website traffic increased by 28%


Client revenue generated during the extent of this campaign equates to a total campaign ROI of 181%

Campaign Screenshots

facebook insights
dwb facebook post
google analytics

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