Smartphones: Another Connection Between Consumer and Brand

Jul 21, 2011 | Uncategorized

Think Different (Again)

Since being introduced back in 2007, the iPhone has effectively changed mobile computing. From its simple, intuitive interface, to its wealth of apps, it’s changed the way people interact online. And fortunately, this success has also birthed competitors, such as Google Android, and Windows Phone 7, offering alternative, yet similar features for computing on the go, allowing for the industry to outsell feature phones for the first time. 

Digital Sheeple

That being said, consumer’s are spending less time online on web browsers, but more time online on mobile browsers, which is merely a shift in how they get their content, not the content they’re getting. Yet, mobile users are more inclined to consumer content that is outfitted to be viewed on mobile, rather than a mere porting of the layout found in their desktop browser. If its difficult for them to view or navigate, they can become turned off to your message all together. But, not to fear, their are plenty of tools and tactics to help your brand take advantage of computing on the mobile web.

Google: Making the Internet that Much Easier

One of the great things about Google is that they’re always innovating, creating new technologies that make computing and living that much easier. Mobile is not exception. Recently launched for the intended use of small business owners, Google Sites now has a mobile template allowing you to create a custom landing page with all of your most pertinent contact information readily available at the tap of a finger. However, it is a bit limited is that all it includes is contact information and not your site itself. For that, you can use any number of sites, like mobiForge or Wapple. Or, if you’re into WordPress, it’s as simple as installing a plugin (literally).

What’s In An App?

The biggest and most obvious feature of smartphones is their applications, or “apps” for short. These little guys allow for quick and easy access to some of the web’s most popular tools. The convenience of having these right on your smartphone make using social media platforms even easier too. Some of the most popular tools by smartphone users are:

  • FourSquare – The mobile app that takes the most advantage of smartphones is definitely FourSquare. Using a phones built-in GPS, FourSquare allows users to check-in to wherever they are and post to Facebook or Twitter to let their friends or followers know what they’re up to. Partnered with businesses both big and small, FourSquare enables brands to offer incentives by posting deals for checking in to store, ensuring that customers keep coming in to take advantage of these special offers.
  • Twitter – Originally launched as an SMS based news source (hence the 140 character limit), Twitter was designed for mobile. By creating a Twitter account, your business can communicate with the every growing Twitter mobile users and take advantage by tweeting trivia and offer prizes, specials for those who are in your area, and updates about timely events happening at your store.
  • SCVNGR – One of the lesser known mobile-based apps, SCVNGR (scavenger) is a location-based mobile gaming platform that allows you to create tasks and challenges allowing for more engagement with your customers. Depending on how difficult the task, you can offer a deal (10% off or a special offer) to reflect that.

Beef Up Your Guerilla Marketing with QR Codes

One of the more subtle marketing techniques that is now gaining a foothold thanks to smartphones, is the QR Code. QR Codes are a great marketing tool, regardless of size, because they create an air of mystery about what they are advertising. Without outright stating what the product or service is, consumers curiosity kicks in, causing them to whip out their phone, generating traffic to whatever the QR Codes destination may be. Best of all, with sites like Kaywa creating QR Codes is quick and easy.

By taking the time to register for these simple tools, you can increase your brands visibility and by becoming a social media, mobile powerhouse.









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