Those sound like words that shouldn’t come from an agency that specializes in social media. Shouldn’t we be talking about all the things that social media DOES create? Conversations, interaction, relationships, for goodness sakes!

If you want us to ramble about the benefits of social media, we’d be happy to oblige. But we also like to look at things from the client angle, and be skeptical about what companies are spending their money on. This includes social media.

Although we definitely think social media is a boon to many businesses, we also think it behooves us to be completely honest and upfront about the fact that alone (i.e. without creative development, which is usually a good idea), social media doesn’t create anything new. It’s simply companies and consumers talking about a bunch of things, or posting pictures of things that already exist, etc. You could call it a “giant orgy of re-hash.” (copyright Social Fulcrum 2010)

What we’re trying to emphasize is that if your business doesn’t have a lot to work with, (simply engaging via) social media can’t help you. It’s not going to create anything new, or save your business.

Now of course you can USE social media in a bunch of different ways that could probably help your business. You could ask your current customers what they like or don’t like. You could measure social media sentiment surrounding your brand, products, competition, or industry. You could ask your customers for help. The list goes on and on.

The whole idea behind Social Fulcrum is that Social Media is a set of tools. Tools don’t do you any good if you don’t have any wood to build with. These tools provide an opportunity to leverage your business assets. That’s what we do.

Do you have tons of pictures from your events but they are just sitting somewhere collecting dust (that includes sitting on a hard drive)? We can upload them to a bunch of different photo-sharing sites, tag them, title them, add a link to your website, post them to your social profiles that we create, send them to bloggers that might like them, use them for Facebook advertising, etc. That’s just your pictures! Wait until we get our hand’s on your power-points!

Do you have the best customer service team ever? Let’s engage your customers to post reviews about them on review sites! It will increase your search engine ranking, and will make people searching for you online go “wow, their customers really love them!”

Do you have the worst possible negative reviews online? Don’t worry, we can encourage customers that like you (you’ve gotta have some, right?) to post positive reviews that will hide the negative ones and increase your rating. Caveat: we always recommend trying to fix the problem your customers are spouting-off about first.

Are people talking a lot about your brand/industry/products/competition? We can tell you exactly what they are saying, and show you the trends on a weekly/monthly/annual basis. Want to find out which of your products people are talking about most? No problem.

Want to promote an event? We can run geographically, demographically, and psycho-graphically targeted ads to your target audience, with a compelling message. Need these ads up, like, yesterday? No problem, we can have them running by the end of the day.

We could go on and on, but our point is that we aren’t a great company because social media is awesome. We are a great company because we know how to use social media to make your business even more awesome. We make you look good. Leverage your brand with Social Fulcrum.


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