Our Secret Sauce: What Goes Into a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Jun 21, 2011 | Uncategorized

We realized something today. We are awesome at implementing social media marketing campaigns because most of our time is spent…NOT using social media. Wait, what?

Allow me to explain. We get results for our client even though we don’t sit in front of screens all day, tweeting our brains out. We get results even though we don’t spend every moment blogging and distributing.

We get results because we spend most of our time doing research, planning, strategy, brainstorms, testing, and communicating with our clients. If you are doing things right, the actual implementation of social media shouldn’t take you very long. However, deciding where you will interact, finding out what your audience is saying, creating valuable content, measuring efforts – these things all take time.

We spend hours every week reviewing each client  – what happened, how can we make things better, what is our data telling us, etc. Once a campaign begins, we spend a TON of time researching our client’s audiences, messaging, value proposition, positioning in the online space, viable tactics, and more. And then we spend a ton of time creating a campaign with pieces that each leverage each other to create this exponentially effective master-blueprint to success in the online space. When the campaign is running, we spend a lot of time tracking our efforts, and adjusting our strategy. Yes, we spend time creating content and implementing our plan, but our efforts would be for naught if we hadn’t done the important legwork beforehand. This is what we want to protect you from – there is more to social media than just interacting!

It struck us that some companies might be trying to learn more about social media by simply being in all of those locations and interacting. Sure you can learn a lot, but if you want to build an effective campaign the answers aren’t going to jump off the screen at you. You need to dig, you need to communicate with your team, you need to research your audience, you need to look at your competitors, you need to plan your campaign and then re-plan so that everything is orchestrated in a way that builds off everything previous.

Some companies just want someone to “manage” their social media properties. However the inherent problem is that management only works when there is something to manage! What is the strategy? What are the metrics? What is the outreach plan? What are the incentives? Who are the ambassadors? Who are the influencers? Where is the viral component?

If your social media consultant isn’t including a lot of time for important pre-work, you might want to take a serious look at the results to see if you are getting what you deserve from a social media marketing campaign.


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