You don’t need to be in NYC for our social media training course, but we like to use NYC as our training hub because there is so much word of mouth flying around all over the place in this dynamic city. We hear about things on the subway, from people handing out flyers, and simply passing people on the street.

Ok, enough about New York! Actually, we are often visiting clients between Maryland and Boston, so if you are anywhere on the East Coast we might be able to work your training into one of our existing trips.

Social Media Training

Vice President Andrew Krebs-Smith giving a social media presentation

Whether you are a street vendor that sells ice cream, or a fortune 500 company, you can probably be using social media to grow your business. But for some businesses (especially the street vendor), the costs of a marketing campaign are too high. We provide scale-able social media training, for key employees or your entire company. This can help reverse negative sentiment online, increase positive reviews, strengthen customer relationships, and give your company’s message an exponentially increased audience. Fill out the form below to inquire about our social media training.