Social Fulcrum has spent 5 years developing products and services to enable high-growth, data-driven companies to leverage social media advertising for new customer acquisition. In that time, we noticed something huge: nobody else can make lead-gen work on social ad platforms like we can. Especially for B2B lead-gen.

Why are all of our competitors focused on app install campaigns and ecommerce? Because lead-gen is difficult! It involves human sales, custom data for each client, longer sales cycle feedback, and other dissuading elements. But since we are a company of people who aggressively challenge the status quo, we decided to dive into this challenge headfirst.

We are making a move to own the social lead-gen space, so today I’m proud to announce SocialLeads; a growth platform for companies who depend on qualified leads for their businesses. We developed SocialLeads over the course of 18+ months and over 100,000 leads for our clients in Education, B2B SAAS, Finance, Healthcare, eCommerce, Insurance, Construction, Real Estate, and Franchise businesses.

Our platform is built on 3 proprietary pieces of software:

  1. Vidia, analytics software we custom-integrate into each client’s CRM
  2. Crop, creative optimization software to test messaging and generate creative insights
  3. Guillotine, audience targeting and segmentation software

We combine the above with our strategic and creative services to offer our clients targeted, agile, scale-able lead-gen campaigns. Of course, our tools would be nothing without the incredible social platforms themselves: all of our innovation is based on the solid foundation of people-based marketing that companies like Facebook and LinkedIn pioneered. The broader marketing community is only beginning to appreciate the huge new opportunities because of the data that these social platforms create.

All of this sounds great, but where’s the proof? Here are some of the numbers we’ve shown with our limited beta clients:

  • One of our high-growth B2B clients offers small local businesses website and marketing support. Our SocialLeads platform increased their close rate by 31% while reducing the cost-per-lead by over 60% and increasing lead volume by more than 100%.
  • We partnered with one of the largest construction websites in the country to generate contractor leads. Even though the goal was simply to increase the total volume of leads at a target of $400 cost-per-lead (and we did by over 4x), we were also able to decrease the cost-per-lead to under $100.

With comparable examples in Education, Finance, Healthcare, eCommerce, Insurance, Construction, Real Estate, and more, we likely have a case study in your industry. Reach out with your contact info and we will get in touch if it looks like a good fit.

Although the performance has been amazing, this platform isn’t a silver bullet. We’ve been lucky to work with some incredibly talented marketers on the client side who make our job easy by understanding their customers, building strategies that take advantage of the targeting and scale opportunities via social ads, and managing end-to-end teams and infrastructure to ensure that all the complex pieces work in harmony. Here is what a few of our clients had to say about our work:

  • “Social Fulcrum killed it for me at Payoff, and for Dodge also. Their formula is based on rapid iteration of test and learn and they’ve developed proprietary software to help use closed-loop data to fine tune and optimize.” – Kelsey Galarza, Strategy Consultant at Dobie Associates
  • “Great team, analytical powerhouse – we love the results we’re getting” – Eugene Mann, CEO at PPL-Labs
  • “Social Fulcrum’s Facebook knowledge is second-to-none. They’re experts in the space and are the trend-setters for new features…Overall, they’re not only a trusted partner, but play a vital role in our marketing team and the Justworks’ revenue growth.” – Coral Edwards, Director of Marketing at Justworks

We have incredible respect for the marketers who take on the immense challenge of building a marketing program in the rapidly growing area of online lead-gen. We are here to help.


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