Although social media is widely used today among consumers and businesses, the truth is, it’s still a fairly new space in which standards have yet to be created. One area where this couldn’t be truer is in regards to the cost of social media.

We can only imagine how confusing it is for companies thinking about adopting social media – since everyone is suddenly an “expert,” how do you know who to trust to achieve your marketing goals? And more importantly, how do you know what you should be paying? There’s certainly a wide range of options. You could hire a college student for little to no cost, a consultant at an hourly rate, or a large firm for hundreds of thousands of dollars. While none of these options are necessarily wrong, there is a happy medium to be found – one in which exceptional results are delivered and the rate is fair.

We recently came across an insightful blog post on which listed average figures for various social media services. For the most part, we agree with his price ranges. Here are some examples:

  • $1,000-$12,000/month to launch a blog, including content creation and responding to comments
  • $1,000-$7,500/month to launch a Twitter account, including content creation and customer interaction
  • $2,000-$9,000/month to launch a Facebook page, including content creation and customer interaction
  • $3,000-$20,000/month for a comprehensive social media strategy, including content creation for two channels

These are ballpark figures, not the end-all, be-all industry standards. Still, knowing this information can help you when you are searching for social media services. If you’d like to get a better idea of what your specific social media needs will cost you, first make sure you know exactly what your goals are. If you are clear in your goals, we can help with strategy. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information.


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