The Importance of Timing Your Social Media Posts

Nov 18, 2011 | Uncategorized

They say timing is everything; but how do you get your timing to be just right? When it comes to posting on your brand’s social media channels, this starts with knowing your audience. Certain groups of people are active online on certain days and at certain times, while others are not. So if your audience tends to log in on Saturday nights and you’re only posting content during regular business hours, you’re seriously missing out on valuable impressions and interaction. By focusing your social media initiatives on the times when your audience is online, you’re more likely to increase engagement levels, including click-through rates and, ultimately, conversions.

Argyle Social, a social media marketing software company, recently released a simple yet informative infographic on social media timing. Some highlights include:

  • For Business to Consumer (B2C) brands, marketers tend to see better engagement on Facebook on the weekends, with Sundays showing notably higher engagement than Saturdays.
  • On Twitter, B2B marketers get better engagement on weekdays by 14%.


Check out the full infographic below.

Data-driven social media marketing from Argyle Social


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