Is answering LinkedIn questions a part of your social media marketing strategy? If not, it should be – answering questions on LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social media marketing tactics, especially for B2B.

When you answer a question on LinkedIn, you are positioning yourself and, ultimately, your company as an expert in your field. As a second benefit, you are presenting your business as an industry resource by offering your insight and advice – the stuff that your clients probably pay for – for free.

Let’s use Social Fulcrum as an example. Say that someone posted a question on LinkedIn asking about the best social media marketing tactics for a small local business with limited marketing funds. This would be a perfect opportunity for our Vice President Andrew Krebs-Smith to reply with a few insightful tips that highlight Social Fulcrum’s level of expertise on the subject. Perhaps the person who posed the question is so impressed with Andrew’s answer, or perhaps it catches the eye of another small business owner who happens to be browsing the thread; either way, Andrew suddenly gets a LinkedIn message expressing an interest his services.

As a matter of fact, one of Social Fulcrum’s past clients was landed in exactly this way (see the screenshot above). Answering questions on LinkedIn is an expert positioning and new business strategy that requires minimal investment, but one that can deliver endless return.


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