Facebook Content Promotion (Part 1 of 6): The Basics

Oct 25, 2013 | Facebook

Over the next few weeks we will be giving you actionable advice to help you promote your company’s content on Facebook. This is the first of that series, where we tell you two simple-yet-important guiding principles. If you don’t want to wait several weeks to master Facebook, you can download our 13-page eBook here. It provides in-depth explanation of the tactics that we use to create superior results for our clients.

In the world of online communications, it has become increasingly crucial for brands to include content creation in their digital marketing strategies. Consumers want information, and the company that provides it, wins. But all too often, great content is created, posted online, and then… *crickets*  If you want to ensure that your content has the most exposure, follow these two basic tips:

1. There should be a unique location where users can access your content.

For the user, finding and reading your content after clicking a link on Facebook should be as easy as possible. In other words, send users to the specific blog post or e-book landing page, NOT your main blog link or e-book page that would require users to do some digging in order to find what they’re looking for.

2. Set up Facebook ‘Share’ buttons or links within your content.

If your content is really, truly awesome, those who found it useful will want to promote it themselves. Make this as easy as possible by adding social sharing buttons to all of your blog posts, and inserting a Share button or text link in any PDF content.

2.1 Need help creating a Facebook Share URL? See below:

To create a Facebook Share URL that can be inserted as a text link, use the following formula:

This will open up the Facebook Share dialogue box with a link to your content pre-inserted.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to promote your content on Facebook! Or, if you want all the tips at once, feel free to click the button below:

Facebook Content Promotion Secrets


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