Use E-Zines to Boost Website Search Engine Ranking

Jun 14, 2011 | Uncategorized

Many brands manage their websites with the Field of Dreams mentality that “if you build it they will come,” i.e. the belief that if you create content for your website then web traffic will come pouring. If that were the case, the entire Social Fulcrum team would be unemployed!

One of the biggest things that might be holding your content back from the masses is that users can’t discover it via a search engine. So boosting the search engine ranking for newly posted content becomes essential.

One of the best ways to boost your brand’s search engine ranking is through e-zines. E-zines are websites that accept and syndicate articles with valuable information. An article that is posted on an e-zine site could be picked up by another blog or website and help expose your business to a new audience.

There are plenty of e-zines for your business to choose from, including,, and


Link to Your Website

Search engines, in particular, place extra value on e-zine articles when tabulating their rankings for a website. When you create an E-zine article you can and should insert inbound links to your website using relevant keywords. You can also link to other websites. This type of link building should boost your website’s search ranking and increase the likelihood that readers discover your content.


Use New Material

We must caution you, if you are going to publish articles through an e-zine you must remember to use original content. If you take a published blog post from your website and add it to an e-zine then your website will be “punished” by Google in their search rankings. In that case, you’ve done more harm than good.


Position Yourself as an Authority

Choose a topic that you know well. You want to position yourself and your brand as an authority. After you submit your article the e-zine website’s staff will review it and ultimately decide if its worth publishing.

When you create the e-zine article make sure you have a credible expert within your organization listed as the author. This will help boost your article’s credibility with readers.

Be sure also to include links to your social media accounts on your expert author page. This way, if someone likes your e-zine article then they have a way to find more of your brand’s content.

Set a goal to publish one to two e-zine articles a month. Your primary focus should still be your brand’s website and blog.

Go to the link to learn more about how you can increase your website search engine ranking.


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