Using Facebook’s Store Visits and Offline Conversions to Boost Co-op Marketing Dollars

Jan 25, 2018 | Facebook, How to, Industry News, Marketing Strategy, SF News

Facebook is making a major push toward attracting traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. They’ve developed two tools, Store Visits and Offline Conversions, that are tremendously powerful in driving traffic into stores. We know this because we are one of the largest users of both tools, and we’ve got hard data that shows ROI figures that might be hard to believe without it. But that’s not what we’re excited about now. We see a tremendous opportunity for these tools to attract and increase co-op dollars to drive direct response marketing on Facebook.

Store Visits uses GPS to determine who visits a store after seeing an ad. Offline Conversions merges the retailer’s customer data with Facebook’s data to measure what those people buy after seeing an ad. Any retailer that captures customer purchase data—perhaps through customer loyalty card programs—can now definitively show the number of conversions that come from a co-op promotion.

We love it too. With this data, we can segment the audience much more precisely and serve up co-op offers that we know are relevant to an individual shopper, based on his or her purchase history. Being able to determine which audience should see which coupon is a level of control any co-op partner would love to have.

Put yourself in the position of a co-op partner. You have specific goals you want to accomplish—goals that align with the retailer’s, but are distinct as well. There are several ways you could use that data. For example, you might want to go after non-closers within a particular retailer’s customer base, i.e., those who do not regularly buy their product. These people would be targeted with a product offer. Next, you might see a cross-sell opportunity. Here we would identify audiences who purchase a competitor’s product and serve them another type of promotion. If your goal were to upsell to existing customers, we can identify them and show ads that entice them to buy other items in the product portfolio.

Whatever the co-op partner’s goals, Social Fulcrum’s testing methodology, supported by such granular data, gives a deep understanding of creative down to the ad level. We can identify which creative combinations are influencing a shopper’s offline behavior, and tell a client with great confidence what offers actually drive people into a store in order to buy that specific product. This gives both the advertiser and its co-op partner full visibility into the impact of messaging and into the complete sales funnel—which was never possible before.

If you had to determine which retailers get larger shares of your co-op dollars, wouldn’t you rather choose one that could not only optimize your spend to achieve your goals, but also report hard data on conversion?

To make a program like this work requires a high degree of technical expertise, a deep understanding of how to project manage large-scale initiatives, and expertise in both ecommerce and retail advertising techniques. Having a partner that’s been recognized by Facebook for both would give that retailer a distinct advantage. It just so happens that Social Fulcrum has been badged as both a Retail and an Ecommerce AdTech Facebook Marketing Partner.


Let us show you how we can put our expertise to work for your co-op program.



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