Our business model depends on the organized and efficient usage of time. When (1) we’ve allotted 15 minutes per day for tweeting for client A, and (2) 30 minutes of social media monitoring for Client B, (3) reactions to real-time crises can rearrange our entire day in a minute, and (4) the NY Subway can run late, we need to be time ninjas. Lucky for us, there are tools out there that help boost productivity and make life much easier for us. We wanted to share them with you. After all, good businesses deserve good word of mouth marketing!

Tool #1: Manymoon

Manymoon is our virtual to-do list. We can share tasks with each other, assign them to different team members, and comment on just about anything. We like the simple interface that is quick to use and easy to access from anywhere (see screenshot below).

Social Media Marketing Agencies need to-do lists. This is one of ours.

Social Media requires time management. This is one of our tools.


  • Free
  • Simple
  • Social


  • Anything more sophisticated than a to-do list (project management, for example) involves a complicated user experience

Bottom Line: Great for shared, simple, assignable to-do lists

Tool #2: RescueTime

RescueTime is awesome because it saves us time by tracking our time. Many advertising agencies and in-house design departments require employees to track their time. However there are two main problems with this approach:

  1. Employees forget or are lazy and don’t complete their time sheets until the end of the month, leading to inaccuracy.
  2. Even if completed every day, the act of tracking your own time takes up valuable time that could be spent working.

RescueTime solves this problem by tracking on a minute level the activities of each user. Sound a bit big-brother-ish? No worries, as the user has complete control and can pause tracking for as long as they would like. The best part is that supervisors or managers can simply export a database of employee time that is 100% accurate, without wasting any time having employees write it themselves. The built in data trends/analysis is pretty neat as well.

Social Media Marketing requires time management. This is how we do it.

This shows the granularity of data within the rescuetime interface

This shows the granularity of data within the rescuetime interface


  • Works on Macs
  • Affordable
  • Web-based
  • Trends/reporting
  • User control
  • Ability to mark certain tasks as productive or unproductive
  • “Get Focused” functionality forces user to complete certain tasks


  • A paid plan is needed to track which file or website users are viewing. Free plans only track the program which for most purposes is inadequate.

Bottom Line: If you rely on employee time-tracking, this tool is a MUST.

We’d love to go into more depth about the tools we use to track our time, but our time management tools are telling us to stop writing this blog post and get on to more productive tasks! Irony! In closing we want to emphasize that these tools help us focus on what is most important – the quality of our work. Just because we like to measure and monitor our time doesn’t mean that we won’t spend extra time giving our clients the work that they deserve.


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