What is a Social Fulcrum?

by Andrew Krebs-Smith | January 11

Some people think the word “leverage” is over-used, and maybe they are right. Unfortunately for them, we are still going to use it on a daily basis.

We think the word “leverage” is important because the concept is so important in business (and trebuchet warfare, but that’s a blog for another day). Profits depend on the use of certain resources over and over again, or in different ways. For us, that’s what leverage means in the context of business.

Most companies don’t have hundred-million-dollar marketing budgets. Therefore, most companies don’t get to do everything that they would like to do, or hire all the people they would like to hire. Usually, even if a company has 5,000+ employees, there are always limits, shortages, and the need for efficiency. That’s where we come in.

For companies with big budgets, agencies have the liberty to create. We can create amazing campaigns, and create amazing artwork, and create amazing ad copy, and buy lots of media from vendors, and film awesome videos with Isaiah Mustafa in them! This can produce great advertising, but in many cases it isn’t necessary or even recommended.

For the average company, it makes more sense to use what you already have. Why film an entirely new TV commercial when you can put your old ones on YouTube? Hm, let’s see, tens of thousands of dollars versus 5 minutes of time…tough choice. Do you have something that you can give away to your clients/customers at little or no cost to you? Give that away to bloggers so they write reviews! Give away your products so more people try them and become long-term customers. Do you have information that your customers value? Send it to your customers in an email, Tweet it out, put it on your Facebook page, write a blog entry…you get the idea.

Don’t get us wrong – advertising campaigns are great, and we do them all the time. But that’s not why we are called Social Fulcrum. Most of our clients are non-profit organizations, small businesses, and companies with marketing budgets under $1 Million. At this size you don’t need to stretch your budget to the max to afford some movie theater advertising and a print ad in the local newspaper, with the rest of the money going to the agency that is thinking of all the campaign ideas.

Leverage means having the intern write a blog entry because everyone else is too busy. Leverage means getting all of your employees on Facebook so that your Social Media Director isn’t the only person posting the company’s latest blog entry. Leverage means taking your white papers and converting them into blog entries. Leverage means creating a corporate social media policy so that all employees are empowered to drive the achievement of business objectives through the use of social media. There are hundreds of examples, and we’ve become experts in this type of minimalist marketing.

If your marketing budget is between $50,000 and $1.5 Million, we can do amazing things for you. We are nimble, creative, and we know how to get the most out of your budget. That’s why companies nationwide choose Social Fulcrum for their word of mouth marketing and social media marketing needs.

We leverage. Do you?

Andrew Krebs-Smith
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Andrew Krebs-Smith

Andrew sings our praises to anyone that will listen. Before founding Social Fulcrum, he developed and managed social media strategy for accounts including Pfizer, Ocean City MD, The National Aquarium, and Strayer University. Andrew loves food, travel, music, exercise, and tea. Connect with Andrew on Twitter and LinkedIn.