Why You Should Be Using Facebook Questions

May 16, 2011 | Uncategorized

So you’ve set up a Facebook page and have a few fans – now what? This issue is one that many businesses encounter after entering the social media space, but a new Facebook feature offers a simple solution.

Facebook Questions is a relatively new polling feature that allows users to ask their friends or fans any question they choose. Although not required, you have the option to include different answer options to guide the responses you receive. It may not sound like anything special, but this simple feature can do two great things for your business’ fan page:

1. Facilitate Interaction

Interaction is one of those social media buzz words that businesses are constantly seeking to achieve on their fan pages, all the while only posting links to their boring homepage and wondering where things went wrong. With Facebook Questions, you’re turning the mic over to your fans to ask them what they think, facilitating the start of the all-important two-way conversation. Could you simply post a question sans the Questions feature to produce the same results? At times, yes. But everyone’s busy these days and life moves quickly – doesn’t it seem much easier to submit a one-click response rather than writing one up?

2. Act as a Market Research Tool

It doesn’t get any cheaper than free. Social media offers many opportunities for low or no cost market research, and Facebook Questions is one of the best. Discover what your fans think about you, your website, your products, your fan page, etc, all the while making them feel valued by asking for their opinion.

Some questions you’ll want to consider asking are those that relate to your industry, your company, and your fan page. Using Social Fulcrum as an example, these questions might include:

  • What’s your biggest social media marketing challenge?
  • What’s your favorite thing about Social Fulcrum?
  • What would you like to see more of on the Social Fulcrum fan page?

Social media takes the spotlight off of businesses and places it on consumers – isn’t it time you asked your fans what they think?


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