Why You Should Only Care About Facebook Ads Right Now

Oct 5, 2015 | Facebook, Marketing Strategy


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Conventional wisdom tells us not to put all our eggs in one basket, so for marketers who advertise on social media, a multi-platform strategy has been the obvious solution. But what if you knew something they didn’t?

With Facebook’s acquisition of the ad server Atlas, the company has turned the prospect of multi-touch attribution of ads from a probability to an inevitability. Marketers will have a better idea than ever before of what messaging and channels bring them sales most effectively. But just sitting around and waiting for these capabilities to unroll is a wasted opportunity.

Here’s how you can optimize your campaign for the next phase of Atlas:

Know What Facebook’s Atlas Can Do

Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft in February 2013. Prior to its newest iteration, Atlas was a cookie-based ad server that was really only useful on desktop – a serious weakness in today’s mobile-centric environment.

The current version of Atlas, which being used by agencies in beta testing, uses first-party cookies with user IDs connected to them that signal Facebook when a user visits a site or an app. This allows precise attribution, as well as insight into users behavior as they travel between apps, sites, and even brick-and-mortar stores.

Atlas for Facebook

Know What This Means for You

Traditionally, brands have made guesses at which advertising channels earned them the greatest return on investment. Now, we have tools that allow us to attribute specific revenue to specific marketing spend, but that only lets us see information for certain marketing channels. Even those only provide 40% to 80% accuracy.

Once Atlas reaches its full capability, you’ll be able to zoom into each customer’s purchase journey and see how they interact with each of your marketing elements. Looking at these things on a broad scale, you can easily decide how to allocate your budget because there will be no question as to which provide the largest return.

Accurate and comprehensive measurement of which ads get delivered to which customers will allow companies to finally know with certainty the effect of marketing and advertising on a granular level.

Know How to Prepare

Starting your Facebook ad testing at ground level once Atlas is in widespread use puts you seriously behind the curve when compared to your competitors. If you start now, you can determine your key performance levers, the size of your opportunity, and use proprietary lookalike data to target your audience on day 1.

Our team of analysts and social media experts can help you nail down your pre-Atlas strategy in an efficient, data-driven way. Lessening your learning curve on Facebook testing now will put you ahead of the crowd in a number of ways.

We know that Facebook has the best data on its users, it’s already crushing it with sales, and the addition of Instagram to its ad platform only strengthens things. Currently, Facebook is one of only a handful of companies with the power to track people across most media, so seize the opportunity now and crush you COCA later.

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  1. As an update to this post, I guess I should clarify that Pinterest advertising is also a really interesting opportunity you should also be exploring if it makes sense.


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