Google’s Got Your Back

In the digital age we live in, there are so many places we put ourselves on the web it’s hard to keep track. Whether it’s on Facebook engaging your customers or on Twitter becoming one with their conversations, our own influence on the web is exponentially increasing. So much so, that you may even forget where and how much of your stuff is out there. It can be worrisome. But now, thanks to our technology overlords at Google, we can all rest a tiny bit easier.

“Me on the Web”: Your Web Wide Bookmark

Today, Google has unveiled its newest contribution to the internet, in the form of Me on the Web, its new analytics tool for recording and keeping track of just how much of you (or your business) is out on the web. Utilizing the same tech behind their Page Rank algorithm and Google Analytics software, Me on the Web is capable of searching and locating traces of you that exist on the web that Google’s web crawling spiders are able to see and then relaying to your inbox what it finds. That goes for your name, phone number, address and just about anything else.

But It Can’t Facebook your Twitter (Unless You Want It To)

And just like regular Google, which can search for your presence on the web, it can’t search around sites like Facebook and Twitter, both of which are private, which limits the software to only being able to find evidence of you on a site but not within the site itself. That is unless you set it to alert you to the things you and your friend’s are sharing. Google encourages you do this as it will optimize your web search experiencing (don’t worry though, they explicitly say that they won’t share any information with 3rd party sites unless you say they can).

A Better Web for You, a Better Web for Me.

While Google says that this software is meant for you to keep track of where and how much of you is on the web, which is great for those of us who might share too much, want to see what others are sharing, or even what others are sharing about us. The software is currently live, so head over to Google’s Dashboard and scroll to “Me on the Web” to give it a spin. Keep in mind though, you’ll need to have or create a Google Profile.

A screen shot of Google’s “Me on the Web”

Me on The Web






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