Your App Install Ads Just Got More Powerful

May 11, 2015 | Facebook, Industry News

In a move to make app install ads more profitable for businesses and more useful to the consumer, Facebook recently introduced a new tool that uses deep linking to display a purchase page after a user installs an app.

This latest update helps direct marketers see a higher return on investment in app install ads because it encourages users to follow through with their purchase. Too often, a user will download an app then get distracted or forget what they wanted to do, and the conversion is lost.

From the Facebook Developers:

“For example, if a travel app is running mobile app install ads featuring a vacation to San Francisco, people who install the app and open it will be taken directly to information about the San Francisco offer. This makes it more likely the person will find information about the San Francisco trip that interested them, rather than having to search for it manually. Removing extra steps between clicking the ad and getting to the travel offer provides a more seamless customer experience.”

From our perspective, this change is meaningful because it helps to extend the customer lifetime value, or increase conversion. From the broader marketing perspective, for a company with in-app purchases, this approach should be tested and used to drive purchases from customers or prospects that have made it a certain distance through the customer decision-making journey.


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