We lower our clients’ cost of acquisition.

How we decrease the cost of acquisition for our clients

Below is our process for startups, e-commerce, SAAS, and enterprise clients looking to grow sales and/or users and lower customer acquisition costs.

Megaphone: Audience Discovery


Here we dig into your data and interview your team to set benchmarks, and learn about your audiences and industry. Deliverable: Channel Strategy & Implementation Timeline

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Glasses: Identify Audiences


This stage tests ad copy, imagery, and target audiences, resulting in clear learnings regarding messaging and targeting. Deliverable: Ad/Audience Testing Report

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Push Cart: COCA Optimization


During this stage, we lower your cost of customer acquisition by as much as possible, as quickly as possible. We typically lower advertising costs by 60-80% in this stage.

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Computer Mouse: Scale Results


After proving results on a relatively small scale, in this stage we increase budgets to scale results and ROI. Deliverable: Monthly Reports

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