Our proprietary software platform drives campaign performance at incredible speed and efficiency.

How it works

Software Application

Creative Variable Tracker

Analyzes tagged variables within ads using machine learning to determine topperforming traits across client campaigns (e.g. imagery, format, copy, placement, etc.). It allows us to build more ads that have a higher statistical probability to succeed in the future.

Lift Tester

Determines if conversions are truly incremental vs. “would have happened anyway, regardless of ad clicks/views” and allows for reporting of net/incremental return on ad spend. Uses an exposed vs. a control group to observe differences in conversion.

Catalog Builder

Keeps product catalogs up to date in order to optimize DPA advertising. It remotely (or locally) parses through product catalog files (of any format), reformats them for Facebook’s catalog API and automatically uploads them to Facebook.

Budget Optimizer

Moves budget between ad sets using machine learning to optimize conversions. Based on the available selection of audiences and creatives, it determines the spend distribution that maximizes revenue. It learns from past tests, and tries new distributions every 48 hours.

Aging Engine

Predicts the conversions and revenue associated with an ad at the end of it’s attribution window, enabling return on ad spend forecasting. This also allows for creative and audiences of any age to be compared asymmetrically and optimized much earlier.

Creative Performance Engine

Identifies top performing ads and prolongs their life while quickly shutting down poor performers. Enables always-on testing of existing creative concepts/themes and also helps to suggest completely new concepts to add to the mix and test against.

Campaign Alerts

Alerts our account teams via real-time triggered email when anything happens outside of the normal operating parameters of campaigns. For example, departures from past budget and performance trends are constantly being scanned for.

Data Injector

Exports curated and compliant data files into a client’s data warehouse. This enables clients to query the data for any way they want. For example, a client might want to integrate data with their own dashboard reporting platform.

Performance Dashboard

Presents key performance data via a secure web interface. It allows clients to check performance on their own whenever they want. Custom views are set up for each client based on specific requirements, highlighting the metrics and visuals they care about.