Our Process

The science + art of direct response advertising

Most agencies think of advertising as art, with maybe a little bit of science. At Social Fulcrum, we believe the fastest way to get results is to lead with science. Our approach – build, test and measure – is iterative. We never stop experimenting. Each week, we run new tests that produce fresh insights, which let us continuously refine your creative and optimize your audiences. And we use what we learn to reallocate your media budget – on the fly, via our automated technology platform – to maximize your ROI.


01 Discovery Call

Initial call or meeting to understand your goals and objectives.

02 Campaign Audit

We score your existing Facebook campaigns across creative, structure, and technical structure.

03 Pre-Launch Planning

Contracting, kickoff meeting, staffing, align on test plans and all associated components.

04 Pilot Engagement

Begin structured testing, scale creative and audience, and begin reporting cadence.

05 Quarterly Cadence

Daily testing, weekly reporting, monthly goal setting, and quarterly review/planning.


Quarterly cycles consist of three 30-day sprints and typically include the following:

  • Creative production and structured testing
  • Audience optimization and structured testing
  • Budget allocation testing and optimization
  • Funnel and multi-touch analysis
  • Lift attribution analysis
  • Implement findings from structured testing
  • Daily brainstorms and campaign adjustments
  • Weekly check-point meetings with clients


Creative production services are flexible based on client needs, from full ownership of creative production to working with client creative teams to reformat and tag for the Facebook platform. Creative performance testing to optimize campaigns is standard with every client.