New Subscriber Acquisition

Success Story

What excites us most about the campaign to date is the quality user base, scalability, and ROI we’ve seen out of Facebook. We really weren’t sure what type of results to expect, and have been thrilled by all the users we’ve gained from Facebook. Further, it has been great to see these results across the world!



Decrease in Cost
Per Acquisition


Increase in Monthly Facebook Media Spend


Global Expansion in
Just 7-Months


New Customers Created
in First 3-Months


Noom is a health and wellness company helping people lose weight sensibly.  Noom provides subscribers with live support from life coaches on its mobile app.

  • Headquarters: New York City
  • Founded: 2008


Noom asked Social Fulcrum to scale their paid Facebook advertising campaigns to new levels. They wanted to see month-over-month growth in volume, media spend, and, of course, new paid subscriber acquisitions on the mobile app.

The mobile app. itself is free to download, and subscriptions are subsequently purchased online. Therefore, the challenge was to determine whether Facebook would be a viable platform on which to drive scale in web conversions.


The initial approach was to find the most optimized process and cost for moving users through conversion funnels. Facebook was uniquely suited to achieve Noom’s goal in that it is the most effective way to both reach a huge, yet well-defined audience and accurately track funnel behavior.

In collaboration with Noom, Social Fulcrum created and tested a wide variety of copy and image variations, pinpointing an approach that both produced the most cost-effective click, and attracted users who were likely to move down the funnel and convert.

As the campaign evolved, Social Fulcrum was able to integrate their analytics stack with Noom’s database, and determine the target cost per paid membership.

Noom had also come to Social Fulcrum with a large email list that was used to build lookalike audiences to quickly level-set for cost targets, and then improve on them while rapidly scaling media spend. After scaling up the lookalike audiences and observing a growing overlap between customers, Social Fulcrum expanded to interest and behavior audiences, as well as third-party audiences provided by Oracle Data Corp.

The Result

Social Fulcrum grew Facebook media spend (within target acquisition cost) from $10k/month in month 1 to $500k/month in month 7.

Finding quick success in the US enabled Social Fulcrum to expand to the UK and Canada. Finding similar success there, Social Fulcrum further expanded into German and Spanish-speaking countries, all with very positive results. Campaigns are now successfully running in 12 different countries.